Alicia Harantshuck

Special guest

Alicia’s journey started with pet therapy to honor her father who passed away from Alzheimer’s. Dogs kept him active, connected, and happier much longer than ever expected. She wanted to help others find joy and escape their mental, emotional, and physical pain, even if only for a few minutes through therapy dog visits.

Today, Alicia has certified five of her own dogs and completed more than a 1,000 therapy visits with her dogs. Alicia’s dogs have collectively earned a combined total of approximately 100 titles, badges, competitions, and awards in a variety of areas.

Alicia has also been asked to guest lecture at Temple University, Temple Medical School Bioethics, Temple Hospital Grand Rounds, University Hospital of Pennsylvania, Simmons School of Social Work, and Jefferson Health System. She has also been a guest speaker at elementary schools talking with kids about dog safety, care, and proper interactions. She has played a material role in starting programs for Temple Hospital, Philadelphia Family Court, and Moss Rehab.

Alicia found enjoyment training in agility, rally, competitive style obedience, nose work, barn hunt, freestyle, pet therapy, tricks and search and rescue. She also took over the therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen program teaching for Philly Unleashed, and she teaches all level obedience classes, tricks, and shy dog workshops. She also works with private clients to help with a wide variety of issues.

You can follow Alicia and her dogs on Instagram @PhillyHotDogs or Facebook at Alicia Roberts Harantschuk.

Alicia Harantshuck has been a guest on 2 episodes.