Elizabeth Silverstein

Host of Telltail Dog

I’m Elizabeth.

Growing up, I didn’t think I had any natural ability with animals.

I wasn’t the sort of person that could look a dog in the eyes and just know what they were thinking. Some people do have that skill, and I find it fascinating.

Instead, I pursued my love of writing. I’ve been a writer for over thirteen years at this point, and you can see more of my work over at hewandweld.com, where I provide storytelling services for businesses. I use the art of interviewing to break down a narrative, and then I build it back up in a consumable. I’ve written for electronics companies, medical businesses, restaurants, and photographers.

In 2012, I started working with animals, though, while continuing my writing. While living in Colorado, I brought home my own little living creature, then I started dog sitting for friends. I took several dog training courses and slowly began to see that I could learn how to communicate with animals. There were science-based methods.

In 2016, I gave dog walking a chance after I moved to New Jersey, and then in 2017, I tackled a dog training internship on a southern New Jersey farm. I was quickly promoted to communications coordinator and Farm Camp manager. It was a sink or swim sort of environment that taught me a massive amount about dog behavior, since we primarily handled and trained dogs with behavioral issues while using positive reinforcement methods.

In less than a year, I was eligible to become certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, and I’ll sit for that this fall. The strenuous 250-question exam also requires 300 hours of hands-on dog training.

I moved to Little Rock in 2018 and quickly started volunteering with a few local rescues.

I started Telltail Dog Training because I saw a need for force-free, positive reinforcement training that focused on communication, while catering to the busy individual who might need drop-in evening and weekend classes.

We can all learn how to communicate with our pets, and I’m excited to help bridge the gap.

Elizabeth Silverstein has hosted 49 Episodes.